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the view from here

...where "here" is generally undefined

5 October
Hello visitors! Depending on who I'm interacting with, I range from somewhat shy to terribly shy; I'm generally friendly underneath, though! Feel free to browse my LJ, leave a comment, or even give me a shout on MSN. I'd love to meet more people from Lakehead U, my adopted home of Thunder Bay, and further.

* * *

"Only those who
Greatness see in little things
Worthy are the simple
They're happy in their ways
Self will wither out of sight
Running to the light"
-from the song 'Running to the Light' by Runrig

Kate is... a dreamer, a lone wolf, creative, wary, moody, liberal, a lover of indigenous art, flighty, a bleeding heart, quirky, defensive, companionable, something of a feminist, a packrat, quizzical, a messy dresser, has eaten raw seal, has far too many books, someone who sees things in shades of grey, undefined

Kate hates... misogynism, willful ignorance, creating art under pressure, bad country music, reality TV, shallowness, litter

Me on IILWY: http://www.iminlikewithyou.com/#/profile/Wolfskins

Me on Join the Fight! (BSG): http://jointhefight.scifi.com/Wolfskins?e=1

World of Warcraft info:
Main 'toons: Jillie, Jal, Lurchy - Alliance - Gorefiend server (PvP)
Alternate 'toons: Scullie, Tprynn - Alliance - Wildhammer (PvP), Tshael - Horde - Chromaggus
Account status: ACTIVE

Maple Story info:
Server: Mardia
Character: Lurqual, lvl. 30 Magician
Account status: currently inactive